All Or Nothing 4 – Florida – T&K Boxing

T&K Boxing Promotions – All Or Nothing – 4

St. Petersburg Marriott Clearwater  in Florida, August 28th


Spirit - Galadriel - Fight Life Scene Network - with Ian Schoolboy Garrett - Miami Beach, FloridaFight Life Scene is going to be at the event on Saturday August 28 with boxing champ Ian Garrett and Third World Ventures.


















Ian receiving his NBA belt from Plant City Boxing Club, Florida

Ian Schoolboy Garrett - Receiving NBA Belt - Plant City Boxing Club Florida Fight Life Scene Network
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Tickets - Florida Boxing Event - All Or Nothing 4 - T&K Promotions

We’re looking forward to getting a chance to talk with some of the fighters there and we’ll have sponsored apparel from RouecheBlend.



Power Prestige Success Confidence Improvement - Apparel for Winners and Warriors


Get your tickets and join us Saturday August 28, 2021 at St Petersburg Marriott Clearwater – Florida, for the All OR Nothing 4 Boxing Event with T&K Promotions

Boxing Event Florida - All Or Nothing 4 - Get Tickets St Petersburg Marriott Clearwater Florida Boxing Match St Petersburg Marriott Clearwater - All Or Nothing 4 - T&K Promotions



Miami Beach – Interview with NBA Boxing Champ – Ian Garrett

Fight Life Scene got the chance to interview NBA Boxing champion Ian “Schoolboy” Garrett on Miami Beach this past weekend and we had a blast! Ian told us about some of the influences in his boxing career, his trainer, his past and his music. And, Ian has partnered with Roueche Blend and Fight Life Scene with his apparel as well – take a look at that awesome shirt! NBA Boxing Champion from Florida - Fight Life Scene's Indomitable Spirit Interviews Ian "Schoolboy" Garrett on Miami Beach

Ian’s Shirt

NBA Boxing Champion Interview - Miami Beach - Ian "Schoolboy" Garrett with Fight Life Scene Network
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Then Ian gave Spirit a beach-side demonstration of the perfect boxing stance and even did some shadow boxing in the ocean for us.

Boxing Stance basics - Ian "Schoolboy" Garrett giving fight tips (improve your boxing stance)
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Thanks, Ian, for a great weekend and the awesome 3rd World Ventures tees!

Miami Beach - Fight Life Scene Interview with NBA Boxing Champion - Ian "Schoolboy" Garrett - Galadriel and Spirit with Ian

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Ian “Schoolboy” Garrett at Fight Life Scene

A fighting spirit is what has kept Ian Schoolboy Garrett going his whole life. Everyone has setbacks in life, everyone has things that cause us to make the choices we Ian Garrett Boxing Beltmake, but not many experience such tragedy as Ian has at such a young age. When he was just eight years old he witnessed his mother get beaten, then in trying to flee, he witnessed her death in a tragic accident. After the funeral his natural father didn’t want him. Tragedy, pain, heartbreak, to the highest degree – this is the kind of experience that shapes a person’s life with a single choice – give up or fight. Ian Garrett chose to fight, literally. And fight he did.


He was fortunate to meet Jack Leonard, the USA Hall of Fame boxer and trainer who saw his potential and even adopted him. In Ian’s boxing career, of 26 fights, he’s won 21, with an unparalleled performance over fighters who were older and more experienced.


Ian Garrett Performing at the Florida Boxing Hall of Fame Induction 2021 The celebrity life of being a professional boxer didn’t last long for him though when he got into trouble and ended up in prison, despite several witnesses testifying to his innocence. There he learned even more, and has been creating powerful music about his life and helping community youth, while still promoting boxing.


Fight Life Scene and Roueche Blend is proud to be Third World Ventures - Ian Garrett Apparel at Roueche Blendpartnered with Ian “Schoolboy” Garrett and Third World Ventures to promote unity and collaboration in combat sports and in helping youth follow a better path than many of us have. You’ll find his songs in many of our videos, and it’s available under Ian Garrett “Bandit” on Spotify and Apple Music, and partner apparel available at


Ian "Schoolboy" Garrett - Boxing Training at Fight Life Scene Network - Original Song - "Blood"
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Adam Boogeyman Braidwood at Fight Life Scene

Adam “Boogeyman” Braidwood


Standing at 6’4″ and 250lbs, Adam Braidwood is a professional champion Canadian boxer with a background in acting, martial arts, and football. His life hasn’t been easy, facing drug addiction from football injuries and then violence that lead to prison time. In 2017 he appeared on a TED talk, “There’s always a way to be great again,” where he talks about his past and how he overcame it.


There is always a way to be great again | Adam Braidwood | TEDxRoyalRoadsU
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Adam Braidwood embodies everything that Fight Life Scene and Roueche Blend stands for – see highlights below, with the song “Fresh Status” by Bandit.

Adam "Boogeyman" Braidwood Boxing Punches Training at Fight Life Scene Network
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Interview highlights with Adam Braidwood and boxing clips from a true champion who fought, not only in the ring, but in life, and conquered.

Adam Braidwood - Canadian Boxing Champion - Interviews and Clips - Fight Life Scene Network
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Fight Life Scene Network



Resurrection - Adam Braidwood - Embodiment of Fight Life Scene and Roueche Blend






USA Boxing Highlights Juneteenth Classic

USA Boxing Juneteenth Classic – first annual event 2021 showcasing up and coming talented boxers with heart from the Gladiator School of Boxing, Newport News, Va and their latest fights.

Music – “Expand” – Bandit – available on Spotify and Apple Music – Ian Schoolboy Garrett

USA Boxing 2021 Latest Fights Highlights - Juneteenth Event Newport News - Fight Life Scene Network
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Fight Life Scene Network

Gladiator School – Juneteenth Classic

Gladiator School of Boxing Presents – The Juneteenth Classic

June 19, 2021, Newport News, VA


Dominic “Prodigal Son” Peterson


Dominic “Prodigal Son” Peterson 🇮🇹 demonstrates Boxing Stance ...USA Boxing - May 22 and June 19 -
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Fight Life Scene Network


Lil King


Lil King - Demonstrates his Passion for Boxing - Check him out May 22 and June 16 - Gladiator School
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Fight Life Scene Network


Juneteenth Boxing Event - Gladiator School Fighters

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