May 14th Amateur USA Boxing

Video – May 14th amateur USA boxing


May 14th amateur USA boxing
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USA Boxing Highlights Juneteenth Classic

USA Boxing Juneteenth Classic – first annual event 2021 showcasing up and coming talented boxers with heart from the Gladiator School of Boxing, Newport News, Va and their latest fights.

Music – “Expand” – Bandit – available on Spotify and Apple Music – Ian Schoolboy Garrett

USA Boxing 2021 Latest Fights Highlights - Juneteenth Event Newport News - Fight Life Scene Network
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Gladiator School – Juneteenth Classic

Gladiator School of Boxing Presents – The Juneteenth Classic

June 19, 2021, Newport News, VA


Dominic “Prodigal Son” Peterson


Dominic “Prodigal Son” Peterson 🇮🇹 demonstrates Boxing Stance ...USA Boxing - May 22 and June 19 -
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Lil King


Lil King - Demonstrates his Passion for Boxing - Check him out May 22 and June 16 - Gladiator School
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Juneteenth Boxing Event - Gladiator School Fighters

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